Discuss The Similarities And Differences Between Any Two Societies

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Discuss the Similarities and Differences between any two societies.

In the following essay I am going to discuss the similarities and differences between life on an Israeli Kibbutz in the 1950’s and life in modern Britain today, focusing on the different cultures of each society and looking at how each is organised. “The term ‘culture’ refers to the language, beliefs, values and norms, customs, dress, diet, roles, knowledge and skills, and all the other things that people learn that make up the ‘way of life of any society”(Browne 2008:31).
At the start of the 1950’s there were approximately 214 kibbutzim with a population of 68,000. A Kibbutz is a small society of people who live together in a group, whereby... View More »

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Britain, in massive contrast to the Kibbutz described above, is made up of four countries i.e England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and together, today, has an estimated population of 63,047,162 (indexmundi.com 2011).
Unlike the Kibbutz, Britain is multi-cultural, its society is made up of people from all cultures and ethnicities and from all walks of life, where there is inequality and division by the class structure. The social organisation in Britain today has people grouped into either working class (manual workers), middle class (usually office/computer work), upper class (aristocracy, landowners) and underclass (excluded from the rest of society).
Also in contrast to the Kibbutz, in general, in Britain, amongst the working and middle classes it is a high value that is placed on owning your own home and people strive to do this, it being the norm.
Today in many ways there are similarities with the people of the Kibbutz as women take on roles that were usually traditional for men to take on and therefore have now become the norm, e.g. fire fighter as a job, or engaging in some D.I.Y around the home, and vice versa for men, e.g. tending to a crying infant or cooking dinner for the family.
A great value is put on family life and generally it is the norm for the nuclear family, based on Mum Dad and children(Haralambos & Holborn 2008), to live together in one house and this is the primary socialisation for the children, being raised by the parents, very different to the Kibbutz, and spending lots of time with them. There are now lots of single parent ...

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