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There are many opinions on war, it is one of the more controversial subjects and one with no clear cut answers about any of the matters that concern it. Thomas Merton's essay the root of war is fear, discusses the reasons for war beginning and the connection between lack of faith in God and lack of trust in one's self. This essay was written in 1961, after the two world wars had ended and the world was starting to get back to normal again.
Thomas Merton is considered quite an inspirational man, having wrote over seventy books, which are mostly about spirituality and pacifism. Merton was born in Prades, France in 1915 - being born when World War One was in its infancy has more than likely affected Merton's view... View More »

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Those duties involve praying for humanity and trying desperately to remove all traces of war and hatred from the world. However, when all faith and trust is lost in not only God but the whole of humanity, in fact, the whole world; what should a Christian do? It seems that more often than not, people will take the "if you can't beat them, join them" approach
On top of it all, we often find ourselves filled with an overwhelming, and debilitating sense of guilt. This guilt is also completely irrational and consuming, in order to take away some of the shame that we feel for being so sinful and lacking the faith that we should have, we allow ourselves to feel guilty over everything. Constant worry and constant guilt are not productive in the slightest, but when all else is lost and there is no faith left, it seems to be the only option to make one feel better about themselves and the awful, sinful and faithless world that we live in.
"in the end, no one has any more faith" (Merton 114). Merton then goes on to explain how people lose faith in those that are trying to stop the war by having discussions. These discussions fail time and time again and lead everyone else to believe that there is no longer any point in trying to talk things over and reach a reasonable and sensible solution. By losing the faith in everyone, including the so called "good guys"; the ones who are trying to restore the peace and those who are still clinging to their last threads of faith, war becomes inevitable. No matter what good thoughts or good intentions anyone has, the over whelming majority of ...

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