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Today he still lives in London.
Although both Fraser and Irving start to talk about Rommel from his birth, Irving mainly stress on Rommel's childhood and teenage years whereas Fraser stresses on Rommel's main involvement in World War I. In spite of the differences both authors make good efforts to describe the childhood of Erwin Rommel. The following is a small briefing of Rommel's life as described in Irving’s book: At the age of 14, Rommel and a friend built a full-scale glider that was able to fly short distances. Young Erwin considered becoming an engineer and would throughout his life display extraordinary technical aptitude; however, much to his family's dismay, young Rommel joined the local 124th Württemberg Infantry Regiment as an officer cadet in 1910 and, shortly after, was sent to the Officer Cadet School in Danzig. He graduated on 15 November 1911, and was commissioned as a lieutenant in January 1912.
As stated in the above paragraph Fraser starts talking about World War I after a brief description of Rommel's childhood. Fraser states that Rommel fought in France, as well as in Romania (see: Romanian Campaign) and Italy (see: Italian Campaign), initially as a member of the 6th Württemberg Infantry Regiment, and through most of the war in the Württemberg Mountain Battalion of the élite Alpenkorps. While serving with that unit, he gained a reputation for making quick tactical decisions and taking advantage of enemy confusion. He was wounded three times and awarded the Iron Cross; First and Second Class. Rommel also received Prussia's highest medal, the Pour le Mérite after fighting in the mountains of west Slovenia '' Battles of the Isonzo '' Soca front. The award came as a result of the Battle of Longarone, and the capture of Mount Matajur, Slovenia, and its defenders, numbering 150 Italian officers, 9,000 men, and 81 pieces of artillery. His battalion used chemical warfare gas during the battles of the Isonzo and also played a View More »

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