Farenhit 451

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Veronica Dunning

English 1123 RU
Paper 4 / Dr. Jeff Kersh
April 24, 2012
How Do Deviant Acts Compare to Crimes?

Depending on whom you are and what you have been exposed to, the meaning of deviance is different. The difference between deviant acts and crimes is irrelevant. The more important issue at hand is why some people of our community feel that deviant acts aren’t as punishable as crimes. A few weeks ago in my sociology class we were introduced to this subject. Despite what many people believe, deviance is not just about the lower classes of people. Deviance is at every level of society from political leaders and financial leaders all the way down to the perverts and prostitutes.
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White collar crime is found as true deviance in Liazos book. It often comes from people that we would not consider deviants. (Liazos) Before my search, I did not see white collar crime as deviance because so many people are doing them. Almost everyone can see themselves taking a few extra dollars and making excuses like everyone else does it and nobody is going to get hurt from it. We would never see the victimization in things that we do because we don’t want to be labeled as deviants. Liazos also talks about covert institutional violence. He argues that there aren’t nearly enough writings on things like deviance in terms of war, corporate robbery and political scandals. (Liazos) War is probably the best example of deviant behavior. Yet in war we are told by the government and military that violence is justified and that bad things happen.
Cheating is an act of lying, deception, fraud, and trickery. Cheating creates an unfair advantage, usually in the interest of the cheater and at the expense of others. Basically, cheating means getting more for less. It is difficult to categorize individual’s acts under the brackets of crime or deviance. For example, cheating in a card game at home, where the players are gambling for small amounts of money is not illegal. Whereas cheating in a card game at a casino often is because the stakes are much higher. Another example, being naked on a nudist camp is not a crime but walking naked downtown Jackson is. So the time and place has a great effect on whether something is a crime or a deviant act.
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