Female Sexuality In The Post World War Ii Era

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The Judeo-Christian traditional ideas of female sexuality have shaped the roles women have played throughout American history. Traditional assumptions made of female sexuality pointed towards themes of submission, nurturing, and quaintness. But in times of change in the country, many women began to break from those customary roles and take on personal and public function deemed masculine by previously established societal precepts. Along with these new roles came the emergence of same sex relationships between women in the 18th and 19th centuries, and eventually a commonly accepted conception of lesbianism. Homosocial relationships between women, however privately sexual or sensuous they may have been, were not... View More »

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Paradoxically to twentieth-century minds, their love appears to have been both sensual and platonic. [3]

Sarah Butler Whister and Jeannie Field Musgrove attended boarding school together for two years and “formed a deep and intimate friendship. Sarah began to keep a bouquet of flowers before Jeannie’s portrait and wrote complaining of the intensity and anguish of her affection.” Their correspondence continued throughout Sarah’s marriage. They stayed true to the love they shared. Sarah wrote to Jeannie, “I want you to tell me in your next letter, to assure me, that I am your dearest…. I do not doubt you, and I am not jealous but long to hear you say it once more and it seems already a long time since your voice fell on my ear.” Though their correspondence did not seem to have very much of a sensual undertone, it certainly spoke of their deep emotional intimacy. Their affection for one another was undying for their lifetimes.

Molly and Helena met at Cooper Institute of Design for Women in 1868 and grew lasting friendship in their exploration of New York City and art. After some separation, Molly wrote to Helena:
I have not said to you in so many or so few words that I was happy with you during those few so incredibly short weeks but surely you do not need words to tell you what you must know. Those two or three days so dark without, so bright with firelight and contentment within I shall always remember as proof that, for a time, at least—I fancy for quite a long time—we might be sufficient for each other. We know that we can amuse each other for ...

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