Gay Marriage In America

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Gay Marriage in America
It is indescribable the bliss a couple feels standing at the altar giving themselves to one another, and saying those precious words “I do!” In America there is a growing population that is not granted the right to walk down the aisle or have their relationship legally recognized. Regardless of sexual orientation, everyone is entitled to the same rights. Yet in most states, the estimated 3.1 million same-sex couples in this country (Bernstein, 247) can not legally marry. The controversial topic of legalizing same-sex marriages is not a matter of heterosexual versus homosexual; it’s a matter of the laws of our nation not providing equality. As a straight Christian female, I object to homosexuality but I don’t pass... View More »

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D. states “In 1954, Brown v. Board of Education established that ‘separate was not equal.’ You can not create two separate institutions and have Parity.” (33.) Yet 20% of the states of the nation offer these separate institutions, as some sort of consolation prize.
There’s a plethora of reasons that support same-sex marriages. For example, the institution of marriage in and of itself creates families. Once many married couples are wed, it often becomes time to build a family and raise children. The same would be just as true in same-sex marriages, although homosexuals obviously don’t procreate in a traditional sense there are always other options. Some choose scientific methods like artificial insemination or sere gates; some raise their own children from previous failed marriages, but most importantly many would choose adoption. Legalizing Gay marriage would very likely increase adoption rates. With so many of the world’s children waiting to be adopted, it would be of great benefit to put more orphans into two-parent homes.
The next key point in arguing in favor for the legalization of gay marriages in the US is that a marriage is between two people, thus it’s a personal matter. As an article found in the Economist states “Why should one set of loving, consenting adults be denied a right that other such adults have and which, if exercised, will do no damage to anyone else?” (“The Case for Gay Marriage.") Quite simply, a marriage between two adults only impacts those two individuals, and to some extent their family and friends. It is not a matter that is of concern to ...

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