Gay Marriages

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Gay Marriage
Carlethia Gordon
SOC 120
Instructor: Barbara Carter

Gay marriage is a hot topic that is being talked about by everyone. Gay marriage is an ethical issue that does not seem to become solved. No matter how wrong we may think it is to be the same sex and become married we should still treat each other the same. Gay marriage is an ethical issue because most people are against same sex marriage. Some issues of gay marriage are no procreation, health hazard, gay marriage violates sacred institution, and gay marriage has a higher risk of domestic violence. If we were to look at the ethical problems of gay marriage it would be broken down into plain discrimination. As you continue to read you will... View More »

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I think that we all should go by the bible. But in no way should we judge anyone whether they are sinning or not. We are not saints ourselves. I was brought up by the bible but I can honestly say that I do not live 100% by the bible. So I don’t see why its such a big deal for same sex to get married.

In gay marriage domestic violence is very high. Domestic violence is higher in gay marriage than traditional marriages. In the state of Ohio gay marriage has a ban up against domestic charges being dropped if the couple are not married (AUL,2005). I don’t think that this right. For gays they have to be living with each other in order for the charges to be pressed. To me this is leaving an open space for people to become more violent and get away with it. It should not be a law that charges against my boyfriend are dropped because we are not married.

I think that equal rights for gay people would be a battle of the 21st century. The question of whether same gender couples should receive the same rights and protections as married traditional couples remains unanswered as a matter of public policy.( American Attitudes, 2007) Until very recently, the majority of Americans believed that marriage between same-gender couples was wrong (Walen, 1997). In 1999 two-thirds of Americans thought that gay and lesbian couples should not have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to marriage (Newport, 1999).

All three classical ethics can resolve gay marriage. But I choose utilitarianism to resolve gay marriage. Utilitarianism is actions that are right and ...

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