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February 22, 1732, a date that should be forever enshrined in the history of the United States. This date marks the day that America’s centerpiece was brought into the world. George Washington, arguably the forefather of America, the foundation of which our country was established. I believe that if this man wasn’t a part of the revolutionary era, the whole fabric of society of America would be drastically different. We would be a whole different country without this man. He created and laid out the foundation and established the greatest Country in the world, he did so with a formal education of an elementary school student.

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Not only did he surpass these obstacles to be victorious, he was up against the strongest military on the planet. This is the greatest military victory in American history considering all he dealt with to prevail. His second greatest contribution to establishing the future world power.

On September 3, 1783 the War officially ends and soon after Washington delivers a farewell speech to the army and resigns as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Thus ending his brilliant military career, a very respectable and honorable career I might add. This became an enormous addition to his beloved reputation, which would send his life onto another shift of realms. One he is not much acquainted with but one which he will have plentiful achievements in. This change of realm I am referring to would be his new life of politics. Another great portion of his life that I believe defines his part of history and the reason this country is the way it is now.

Another date that should also be enshrined would be April 30, 1789; the day Washington was elected the first President of the United States of America. The day when he took an indecisive and unpredictable Country and had to form it the way he saw fit. His whole Presidency defies who he was as a Politician and a man. He remains (and always will be) the only President to be unanimously elected, receiving 100% of the Electoral College votes. He established the correct alias that the President was to be called, “Mr. President”. He enacted several important (and still standing) programs and etc. Among those, the national ...

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