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“[One sociological view]…defines deviance as the infraction of some agree-upon rule.” In these few years, the girl gangs activities become more active. Albeit the number is still not as significant as the boys, its upward trend draws the public attention. In this essay, I am going to identify the present situation of girl gangs, following by an evaluation on it as basis with the theory of strains towards anomie and other theories.

The report “A Study on Girls in Gang” by Hong Kong Federation of Youth is used as the blueprint. To explain the girl gang phenomenon in HK, we must first understand their backgrounds, purposes, activities and also the reasons for quitting.

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” Thus, Girl gang activities are similar to boys but out of different nature, mainly out of family.

As time goes, some girls are triggered by the negative effects of gang life and leave it for various reasons. From the psychological perspective, they feel gang life is time-wasting, monotonous and meaningless. Girl quit gangs for starting a normal life and relieving family worries. From the biological perspective, some girls are married with men or being pregnant. They have to settle down for a stable life. From the sociological perspective, the patriarchal culture indeed gives them a bright light. They understand that there is no future in the male-dominated gangs as women are playing auxiliary roles. Quitting gangs shapes them into a better person by developing their potential in other areas.

The above phenomenon can be explained by Robert Merton’s strain theory towards anomie in a limited extent. “Anomie”, is defined as the low level of moral regulation. Cultural structures are the hierarchy of shared values that govern our behaviours and provide us with cultural goals, e.g. success, wealthy, material comfort, upward mobility, fairness, freedom, competition etc. Social structures are institutional norms which define and regulate the acceptable mode of reaching these goals.

According to Merton, that problem(girl gangs) exists because. Discrepancies exist between cultural goals and structural opportunities within the lower class accelerate the girl gang problem. “As "normal" response to a situation where the cultural emphasis upon ...

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