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The key reason behind this crisis was the unregulated market of credit default swaps that gave and open playground for Wall Street to print money for its shareholders without any wrong doing. The financial product unit did not commit any crime. They have acted in accordance. The financial unit did not withhold anything from media, investors or regulators. There was just one statement out of entire communication about reporting to credit agencies sound little fishy about hiding some details. That email was from Mr. McGinn that assured Mr. Foster on July 13th that Quotes “I am giving highly edited versions of AIG subprime material to rating agencies unless they explicitly request. But that was not from financial products division. It was from AIG chief credit officer and it states that he did it to put best face for company and not to hide anything. So the financial product did not commit any thing that can constitute to crime according to SEC Rule 10b-5 View More »

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