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The Oresteia, the story following the Trojan War, is a Trilogy consisting of Agamemnon, The Libation-Bearers, and Eumenides (The Kindly Ones). This is the story where Clytemnestra murders her husband Agamemnon; Clytemnestra’s exiled son, Orestes, returns and murders her; and Orestes runs to Athena for the very first court ruling to take place. This story can be interpreted in many different ways. Three of those interpretations will be explained as follows: the lack of clarity between right and wrong, how humans have forgotten how to govern themselves, and the battle between old and new gods.

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Throughout the three plays, as explained in the previous interpretation, everyone had their own mental system of justice and that each character did what they did because they believed it was right. There were always disagreements and uneasiness, therefore in the third play, Athena steps in to act as a judge and rule what is right and what is wrong. At least through this process, there could be a set regulation of what is right and wrong, regardless of it being morally accurate or not.

Which leads to the third and final interpretation: the transition between old and new gods. This is specifically between the Furies, representing the older gods, and Athena and Apollo, representing the newer gods. Each set of gods have their own way of thinking how the world should work. Athena draws the line between right and wrong when saying the Furies old way of thinking is wrong because all they think about is revenge. Orestes murders his mother, therefore all the Furies can think about is revenge. This can take a feministic approach because the Furies are angered that a mother had been slain, regardless of what the mother has done (killing Agamemnon). The Furies believe that a mother is a sacred being and should never be harmed in such a way, nor could a mother – a female – do anything wrong to begin with. Apollo and Athena, on the other hand, believe that the mother is unimportant, but also hint at wanting to judge everyone equally. Apollo argues that Clytemnestra, regardless of being a mother, had murdered her own husband, which is why her murder is just. Athena’s side of the ...

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