Intimacy And Happiness

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Intimate relationship or partnership formation (marriage) affects the level of happiness in individuals. It is agreed in different school of thought that intimate relationship or marriage has a positive influence on total well being. In Social sciences, it is believed that marriage has a positive and enduring effect on well-being (Waite 1995; Waite and Lehrer 2003; also in economics, Frey and Stutzer 2002; Layard 2005). However there is a contrary consensus to such agreement. An article in a renowned psychological journal by Lucas, Clark, Georgellis, and Diener (2003) showed after a 15 years (1984 to 1998) of study, that such happiness is temporal and only last a period of two years. Typically, people revert two... View More »

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Report also shows that the former are less likely to die as infants (Bennett et al. 1994) and have better health during childhood (Angel and Worobey 1988) and even in old age (Tucker et al. 1997). Such children are likely to drop out of school and complete more years of schooling. The children tend to have better mental health than their counterparts wh have experienced a parental divorced. The children are less likely to be idle as young adults and less likely to have a child as an unmarried teenager (McLanahan and Sandefur 1994). Children from divorced home shows more evidence of emotional problems prior to divorced Cherlin et al.(1998). The author of this research also found that the gap tend to occur in families that are troubled and become wider after divorce. This indeed causes dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Growing up in a non-intact family can be associated with short and long term problems. Such problem could be mental health and their interaction with their environment. Time spent by parents on their own children does not enter traditional measures of productivity, nor is it factored into national accounts. Yet, it is a major form of investment in children, and one that appears to have increased throughout the modern industrialized world since the 1960s. Despite the increase in women’s labor force participation and despite the time pressures from work, parents today appear to be devoting more time to childcare than they did 40 years ago.

Human beings are interested in sex. There are also scientific reasons to study it. New work by Daniel Kahneman, Alan ...

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