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Intimacy over the years has been assumed can only be experienced by having sexual intercourse between people but to have a comprehensive understanding that stereotypical thinking must be blocked from our thinking because intimacy entails more than having sex. Intimacy is about knowing someone deeply and being able to be wholly free in that person’s presence. It is an emotional state that is often earmarked for just one person. Ideally, sex in a loving connection should be the physical epitome of intimacy. It should come from a place of love and connection. Within a relationship the sex and intimacy are linked; intimacy builds sex and sex builds intimacy (Lenbuck, 2013). The attachment bond is the... View More »

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The major pitfall with this research is that there is little external validity because the study involved only citizens of Israeli.
Also a thesis recently done by Heather Read on undergraduate women in the University of Texas showed that
Furthermore, a study was done on African-American men attitude towards marriage by Armon Perry on 161 African-American males and the reasons why marriage percentage has dropped from 61 per cent to 32 per cent since 1960, various reasons were stated for men’s reluctance and fear to enter into an intimate relationship a one reason was due to absence of father figures while growing up as a child (Perry, 2013). The major loophole with this study is that men were the only participant to this study, and also it has a low external validity because the study was limited to only African-American men.
The aim of this experiment is mainly to discover if sexual intimacy, non-sexual intimacy and negative intimacy correlate considerably to positive or negative parent to child relationship.
The hypothesis of this experiment is positive parenting will correlate positive to sexual intimacy and non-sexual; intimacy and negative parenting will correlative with sexual intimacy, non-sexual intimacy and negative intimacy
Participants: Participants were 120 undergraduates from Monash South Africa (80 females and 39males) whose ages range from 18 to 33 years (M=21.03 and S.D=2.53).
1. Socio-demographic questionnaires
This part of the questionnaire consists of socio-demographic questions, such as age, gender, year of study, sexual ...

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