Invisible Man Lit Analysis Of The Modern Era

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One’s existence and individual identity is highly affected by his/her surroundings and the society he/she lives in. People are the clay for society’s hands to mold, which is exactly what happens in Invisible Man. Invisible Man is a novel about exactly what the title states: an invisible man. The main character has no name which emphasizes the fact that he is transparent in, not his physical appearance, but his overall existence. The setting of this novel takes place in post-1920’s, when a lot of changes were occurring because of the shift in time periods, also known as the Modern era. The twenties, in which blending into society was the popular thing to do, evolved to having each person have their own individualistic approach to society,... View More »

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This shows that he has become the face of the problem the organization is trying to fix. He works hard to gain the respect from the organization he works for, and this organization strives for equality in race in America. It is not something he necessarily believes in, but would still like the opportunity to speak. The main character is the speaker and becoming such is the dream he longed for. He was initially longing to gain attention, and his best chance at that was through speaking to the public. This goes along with the individualistic characteristic because he is trying to stand out instead of blending in, such as when the organization compared him to Booker T. Washington. Instead of having one man be his goal, he strives to become even better, to be his own person. These motives the audience has to look into to be able to see the true meaning behind the text. Byrd, an author from the University of North Carolina at Penbroke, allows the audience to acknowledge the fact that the writer is trying to get the reader to think about more than what is shown on the plain text, and to look past what meets the eye. This is the main character’s Modernistic approach.

Because of these ambitions, he raises himself up in society, goes out of his job description as a speaker, and begins to do more than he’s told, more than what the organization wants. This group tells him, “You were not hired to think” (Ellison 469), which shows how he is truly beginning to consider his own actions for himself and breaking away from the social bonds. Throughout the novel the main character strives ...

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