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On the other side of the argument, proponents of the Iraq War dismiss the Vietnam comparison as irrelevant. Due to the fact that the differences between the two wars greatly outnumber the similarities; the appropriate comparison is not to Vietnam at all, but rather to World War II with occupation of Germany and Japan. It has taken our forces over 50 years in order to transform those two countries into the democratic allies that they have become today. Others rightly believe that some elements of Vietnam are present in Iraq. Such a similarity would include the fact that both wars involved an insurgency, but then I have to point out that there is no counterpart in the Iraq War to North Vietnam
The Vietnam War’s entry into the debate over Iraq is a sure thing when one considers the power that our media has attained in recent years. The Vietnam War has been a scar that has influenced U.S. modern warfare. The comparison of Vietnam has been a popular tool for critics of U.S. intervention in foreign affairs since the fall of Saigon. The Vietnam War shaped U.S. foreign policy to simply fund revolution with weapons and money rather than to get our hands dirty. Vietnam effectively turned the U.S. into what Osama bin Laden called a “toothless tiger”. Our enemies know that as soon as the wind of public opinion blows the wrong way, our politicians will pull our troops from harms way due to the fact that the American people prefer what I like to call a “microwave war” that is over in 30 minutes or less. This was evident in Somalia under the Clinton Administration when the body of a dead Marine was dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. It is because of this fact that I am thankful that we don’t have a President that governs based on public opinion or polls, but rather governs based on principal. The life of that Marine was lost in vain because of a spineless President. Vietnam was also the last major insurgency experience View More »

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