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Jones was also believed to abuse drugs including LSD, marijuana, valium, etc. An extremely high dose of Phenobarbitalwas found in Jones’s system upon autopsy. All these factors involved, Jones became increasingly paranoid and delusional over the years. By the time The Peoples Temple had been moved to Jonestown, Jim Jones was convinced he was God and displayed the typical traits and behaviors of cult leaders. Members were discouraged from defecting through use of drugs, physical force, and imprisonment. Even children were not immune. While Jones continued to preach his communist/socialist message, his behavior became more hostile, distrusting, and violent as time went on. He would often have his members participate in what was called “White Night” where Jones would rant on about the settlement being taken over by the CIA or another government agency and give his members the choice to relocate the church, stay and fight, flee to the jungle, or commit what he called “revolutionary suicide.” If the vote was for revolutionary suicide, members would line up to drink a red liquid they were told was poison (IV). Although there was not poison in the drink, he would tell members that eventually there would be a time when they would have to die by their own hands. His paranoia continued to elevate until a visit from Congressman Leo Ryan culminated in mass suicide. Congressman Ryan flew to Jonestown on the 14thof November, 1978 to investigate the state of Jonestown and its members after hearing the complaints from a group of defectors called the Concerned Relatives who voiced that families were not being allowed to leave Jonestown under their own free will. Upon arrival to Jonestown by Ryan there were no indications of hostility on Ryan’s part however Jim Jones took all day to allow Ryan’s entire party entrance. While Ryan was there, roughly 20 people View More »

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