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“Made of something better.” This is the slogan adopted in 2013 by the the prominent ice cream manufacturer “Ben and Jerry's”. It speaks to a growing movement, one that is in many ways an offshoot of the Counter culture an era long bygone now but the impact this moment in the unfolding of modern history would give rise to a methodology of existence. That if taken seriously would have far reaching implications to this day. “Sustainability” is an idea based on the following principle: Everything that we need for our survival and prosperity is linked either directly or indirectly to our environment, biosphere or, for a lack of a term not yet know by this author, our entire planet. The goal is to cultivate conditions in which... View More »

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By behavior modes we mean the tendencies of the variables in the system (population or pollution, for example) to change as time progresses. A variable may increase, decrease, remain constant, oscillate, or combine several of these characteristic modes. For example, a population growing in a limited environment can approach the ultimate carrying capacity of that environment in several possible ways. It can adjust smoothly to an equilibrium below the environmental limit by means of a gradual decrease in growth rate, as shown below. It can overshoot the limit and then die back again in either a smooth or an oscillatory way, also as shown below. Or it can overshoot the limit and in the process decrease the ultimate carrying capacity by consuming some necessary nonrenewable resource, as diagrammed below. This behavior has been noted in many natural systems. For instance, deer or goats, when natural enemies are absent, often overgraze their range and cause erosion or destruction of the vegetation”(Meadows). This book, among other trends of thought in the tulmutious stirrings at the end of the century, would echo on in our own age under the egis of sustainability.
In our modern society we are seeing a movement toward sustainability, as more bussiense see the need to adapot business practices. Ben & Jerry's are one such company, this business was born in 1978 when friends Ben Coen and Jerry Greenfield let open the doors to their first shop in Vermont. From these beginnings the fans of this local shop would grow. In ten years time, 1988 would see the rise of more then 50 ice ...

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