Love And Marriage

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Ever wonder why so many happy marriages become failed marriages? Love plays a big part of failed and happy marriages. Happy marriages are hard to obtain and keep in this day of age. Marriage is defined as “an intimate or close union” by Merriam Webster. Marriage has been used for mutual benefit, personal benefit, or just the simple uniting of a couple in love. Happy marriages seem to be rare now with the stress of jobs, life’s struggles, or just the simple temptations that can tear a marriage apart and even the lack of love.

In history marriage wasn’t the uniting of a couple in love, it was for the benefit of kingdoms or families. Marriage was used to unite families for mutual benefit to gain a higher standing in a kingdom. Love was... View More »

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Careers help make a couple stay together and add a challenge to the daily married life. On top of having a career, working around money becomes a major issue with couples. Money can add stress in ways that only those who have had money troubles could understand. Money can drive a couple apart by limiting the amount of excess a couple could have. It can take away the nice cars and the yearly vacations or even the cushion in the bank account. Some couples need yearly vacations to get away from daily struggles.

Daily struggles can tear love from any marriage. Living with another person can be very stressful especially if little things about a person drive the other crazy. Little habits a person may have that they don't notice could drive a marriage apart if it’s not resolved. Resolving problems such as little habits or major problems is another reason love can hurt a marriage. Loving a person means that one would do anything for that person and that no matter what, they don’t want to hurt that person. Telling a loved one, like a husband or wife that how they act or things they do drive them nuts can be very hard and hurtful. In the long run problems are better handled sooner than later. Waiting to resolve a legitimate problem usually makes things worse, the anger or frustration can build up. After so much anger or frustration is built up it’s only a matter of time before that anger releases and results into a fight towards the other person.

Bursts of anger cause more trouble than they really should, when a spouse blows up and starts listing one thing after another ...

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