Organisational Communication In A Globalized World

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With an ever increasing globalization and further integration of economies into a true world economy, multiculturalism is becoming the norm in both our daily lives and the business world. This has naturally lead to organisations and people working regularly with both internal and external cross border stakeholders. In turn, there is increasing participation in multi-cultural teams and working with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds. Although multi-culturalism has enabled the growth of business, diversity and economies along with enriching people’s lives, there will always be times when multi-cultural teams can cause disruption, dilemmas and hurt productivity within teams and organisations. Problems can arise like... View More »

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Similarly these misunderstandings and dilemmas can cause conflict, hostility and confusion within teams. Drawing from my experience from working in one of the prominent big 4 banks, the bank is an extremely diverse and multicultural organisation. My employer strongly encourages a diverse workplace where people from a range of backgrounds work together for the common goals of the organisation. Even though they understand that culture affects all activities in the business (Crossman et al. 2011), being such a large and diverse organisation creates its own challenges, a potential source of added frustration comes from the cultural diversity of the business. Recently, a member of our team comes from a Chinese background who had only been with our team for a relatively short time was deeply upset when a fellow colleague with a Russian background discussed an issue which had arisen from a previous discussion with a client. The reason my colleague was so upset was a result of the way the issue was communicated to her. Our team teams a very direct approach to communication with most things which are said to be taken at face value. The use of direct and explicit communication was misinterpreted, my Chinese colleague would have usually asked more questions and embedded meaning through indirect communication approach to the situation (Brett et al. 2006). Failure to understand that people from different cultures do not work in the same ways amplifies the potentials for dilemmas (Miroshnik 2002). Due to the lack of understanding between the way colleagues from differing ...

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