Parallels Between Modern Day Society And Brave New World

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It’s quite shocking that someone who wrote a book before World War II could’ve almost prophetically described the contemporary world we live in today. Aldous Huxley, a British author who wrote many of his novels before the 1940’s, penned the Brave New World, a novel about a dystopian society set in London about 600 years in the future. In the novel, the government has developed a process in which they control every aspect of someone’s life, starting with genetic modification of embryos, to continuous verbal conditioning as a child, to the mandatory consumption of a go-happy drug called soma. Although completely unknowing of the technologies, culture, and progress of science in his writing years, the World State... View More »

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In this small quote, it establishes the acceptability of being unchaste, of being someone who has sex with everyone. In this dystopia, the people have sex because they can, because they feel like it, and especially because being an indiscriminately sexual individual is endorsed and promoted by the government. In a juxtaposition with the ideals held in the eighteenth century, this new standard is a complete shift away from what was socially respectable. Although quite exaggerated, it’s apparent that the culture of today mirrors reflects the standards in the book. Acts of indiscretion that were frowned upon, and even prosecuted by some, is now considered ordinary. Extra-marital relations, infidelity, and even sex among teenagers are all examples of these acts, and they have become so normal that they are regarded with no qualms at all. Whereas in the older times these desires were suppressed, these desires are now promoted and exploited. Whether it be by other individuals, social media, or corporate advertising, it seems that society has lost touch with the special meaning that sex used to bear, that the emotion and feelings that sex used to connotate between two individuals has dissipated, now to be replaced by an incessant need to please one’s physical needs. To what extent this liberalization of sexuality is going to go is unknown, but Huxley does provide us with a rather disturbing picture of what it can be, and to live in a world such as this would be ultimately destructive to civilization.
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