Person-first Language, Is It Actually Necessary?

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Disability and language is a major topic in society; people feel offended or excluded due to labels. Person-first language was thus created to allow people with disabilities to feel more included in society and not feel looked-down upon. It is now enforced to say “person with a disability” rather than “disabled person” as to not have them feel excluded. But is this really all that effective? If looked under a light of language, it seems ridiculous to rearrange words and extend sentences just to cater to people’s sensitive needs. Language is meant to be short and concise, whereas person-first language only clutters it. In cultural light, there are groups of people who have disabilities who would rather be called “diabetic” or “blind”... View More »

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Research in this field may be beneficial in taming the sensitive side of humanity. This paper is important in itself because, even though this paper may not reach the eyes of graduate students and professors worldwide, this class – AHRS200 – is a place to start to bring about an unbiased awareness. In this class, we are taught and expected to use person-first language or else we will get a zero on an assignment, but is such a language that beneficial and effective to society?

This is the question that I want answered in writing this paper. I want to know if person-first language actually poses a positive effect to those with disabilities or if this is just another scheme to make people without disabilities feel better about themselves and think they are not doing any harm to those with disabilities, rather, including them in the norm of society; similarly to the argument held in class about the “promposals”. Are people actually using person-first language to benefit those with disabilities and to be inclusive to them, or are people just using the language to make themselves feel better and think they are being more inclusive and nicer to those with disabilities? In order to accurately decide whether or not using person-first language, I had to go through various sorts of research on top of what I already know from class.

One such article is titled “Person-first language: Laudable cause, horrible prose” (2012) written by Roger Collier. Collier takes the side of language rather than political correctness by explaining that language should not be altered, especially ...

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