Politics And Race

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Race and Politics
It is a given fact that most people tend to socially gravitate towards people they have common interests with. Last week we read about the formation of these social groups and began segregating these groups according to behavioral traits and perspectives. This week I have spent time researching six different forms of domination that often emerge when different racial and ethnic groups live together in a society and will discuss how social and economic factors tend to produce racial hatred and conflict through these six forms of domination.

The 20th century has sometimes been called the Killing Century; this is in part due to large-scale genocide, the mass murder of huge groups of people (Metcalf. 2008). Genocide... View More »

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Minority rule did; so did national isolation, the kind of Rwanda experienced, for example.” (Edwards, B.)

“A more common relationship between dominant and minority groups is segregation, an arrangement in which the social lives of the two groups are kept separate.” (Sullivan, T.J. 2007, pg. 14). The most common form of segregation one thinks of is slavery but I am going to take a unique approach and talk about segregation of the Egyptian women.

Egypt is considered one of the most “liberal” societies in the Middle East. By today’s standards in America, Egypt still has issues of segregation and inequality with their religion and gender roles. Religion plays an essential part of not only their social structure, but influences their legal system, education opportunities, etc. Decision-making is delegated to the male leader. “The male is usually the head of the family, and the family is the basis of the individual’s social identity (Stowasser, 1993)”. Even though believers in Islam claim equality in the eyes of God, there is still some ethnic bias, and sexual segregation observed in their laws, labor, religious traditions, and roles within their families. Men are also in control of possessions and income, and often view women as morally inferior, especially in rural communities (Neft & Levine, 1998).
“An Egyptian woman is expected to defer to senior male relatives, avoid contact with all men who are not relatives, and wear the traditional head covering when in public. She cannot get a passport without permission from her husband or father. In addition ...

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