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Ever since the dawn of time, there has been someone in a position of authority. This person of authority is the one and only we the people have to follow and trust. But what makes this person in a position of authority? Is it how he looks? How smart he is? Or how well he leads? Whatever it is we have to abide to the rules of that person under all costs or face a dramatic penalty. Although we the people have to follow the ways of authority, if we question it, society could be made better. Just because someone says we have to do something doesn’t mean we have to do it. Think for yourself and question authority.

In recent years there has been corruption in the U.S. government, presidents, vice presidents etc. How do they expect the people to follow and do whatever they say if they themselves are immoral? Authority could be used in more ways than one including using it for one self’s own purpose. That person could be making up a lie just to get others to do what he wants. But, if we were to question that authority we would be able to avoid that. Nobody in this world is perfect. Therefore, go and question authority whenever you want to make sure it isn’t being used the wrong way.

In the past and still in some areas today, countries and cities have been ruled by kings or rulers that tell us what to do and how to do it. As a result, it makes the society the product of that leader. Giving them o freedom and a pathetic life style. I am lucky to be living in the U.S.A because it gives us the freedom of speech, religion etc. But even though this is a great country, there are still flaws. The government and law makers are making it highly likely to be questioning it just by how corrupt they are, and if we don’t question it, they can use us however they want. By questioning authority not only would you make society better but you will give the people a voice. Making a great country, community or where you live a place where there is fairness and freedom.

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