Same Sex Marriage Arguments

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What is marriage? Marriage is the legal and public documentation of the love and trust two people share for each other. Getting married is a very special occasion for everyone. In past years, marriage was defined as a man and woman joining together in holy matrimony. However, homosexuality is becoming more common as homosexuals have been making their voices heard in defending their rights to marry. Same sex marriage is one of the foremost economical subjects in the United States today. Homosexuals were looked upon with despisement, and marriage between them was banned. Over the years, homosexuality has increased in society, and the dispute over the authorization of same sex marriage has been called in question among people in the... View More »

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(Rich, Wagner 2014) In 1999, Vermont was the first state to decree civil union laws. A few years later, many other countries and some states in the United States approved the civil union law so that same-sex couples would be happy. (Rich, Wagner 2014) Same-sex couples continued to fight for gay marriage because a civil union does not give them all the legal rights as a marriage would. Gay couples will continue to fight until they are satisfied.
One reason people are “for” gay and lesbian marriage is because it is a human right. What are human rights? Human rights are rights inherited to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. (Human Rights) Every person has the rights to be whatever he or she desires to be without being discriminated upon. We live in a world where people are not only judged by the color of their skin, but they are judged by whom they have chosen to love. Same-sex marriage is the matter of civil and equal rights, and the choice to be wed should be the choice of the two people in love, and not be coordinated by the superior. Many people may not be comfortable or agree with to couples of the same-sex being in a relationship, but they should be respected because they too, are human beings.

Another reason people are “for” gay marriage is because marriage is between two people that love each other. No person should be the judge of who is to get married. Many cultures, such as India, still have arranged marriages, but American marriage is when two people ...

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