Sociological Aspects Of Death And Dying

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Assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in American society that must be dealt with. In assisted suicide, a patient who is terminally ill requests the doctor to administer a lethal dose of medication to end his life. Assisted suicide brings up many moral and legal issues regarding the right of a patient to die with respect and the duties of a doctor. This issue is divided among people who believe that doctor assisted suicide is illegal and immoral and those who believe that suicide is a right that people have. Doctors who aid a patient to commit suicide are performing an illegal act and should be penalized to the full extent of the law.

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However, many doctors secretly prescribe lethal medicines to their patients and hope that the authorities do not find out. Jack Kevorkian, otherwise known as Dr. Death? has committed forty six assisted or supervised suicides. Out of these forty six suicides, he has been charged for three counts of murder in Michigan and released three times(Van Biema 2). This doctor should not be allowed to practice medicine. Many doctors do not support doctor assisted suicide. In fact, fifty three groups of health professionals have signed an American Medical Association brief supporting suicide bans (Van Biema 2).
Once a doctor has violated the Hippocratic Oath, this doctor can no longer be a doctor according to the ethics of medicine. Technically, a doctor can aid a person in committing suicide once, and then no longer be a doctor. After he has violated his oath and is no longer a doctor, he is legally not allowed to prescribe medicine. The one exception to this rule is that the Hippocratic Oath states that a doctor shall not prolong suffering. This means that the doctor can not keep a dying person on life support. However, this doctor is not able to aid a reasonably healthy person who suffers from illness occasionally to commit suicide.

A doctor who does not prescribe medicine to a patient who is suffering from illness is not prolonging suffering. A doctor who is prolonging suffering is one who insists on keeping a patient on life support although the patient has no chance of being cured. If the decision is made by the dying patient’s loved ones, a doctor should be allowed to ...

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