The Abcs Of Terrorism

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Some of these Nazis were also smuggled to Argentina, the rest went to Fort Hunt, Virginia.
Also, some of them were part of the Holocaust, and wanted in Poland and the USSR.

I want to make a film called Wanted in Poland.

I found out that the Pope (Pius XII) made a deal with Hitler before the war, that Hitler would allow the Catholic Church to operate in Germany if it would not get involved in Politics. This was instrumental in his rise to power. Pacelli was anti-semitic and the book is called Hitler's Pope.

The "modern Antigone" which I mentioned once to you, The Deputy, by Rolf Hockhuth, indicated that the Pope did not tell the German Catholics to disobey Hitler. Instead, this Pope, because Hitler was "fighting Communisim" allowed Hitler to do whatever he wanted to do, and helped smuggle the Nazis out of Europe after the war. A film on DVD called Amen tells some of this story. I recommend the book first though.

The Mossad is still angry about this. A film called The Odessa Files may interest you. It talks about a list of these SS who escaped and got new Identities. Jon Voight is the hero of the film. Ironically he is now supporting a Republican candididate, so I imagine he is pro-Israeli.

In case you don't know it, it was the Mossad that gave us the false info about pre-war Iraq and that lied about the wmd which it knew were not there.

Bin Laden is angry because of three things: because Clinton bombed the pharmeceutical plant in the Sudan that made medicines that killed diseases that animals got that people got and millions of Sudanese muslims died as a result. (See Noam Chomsky's book 911)
2) because we support Israel which killes Palestinians 3) because we put 25,000 mostly christian troops in Saudi Arabia, in the first Gulf war

He wants to turn the world into a 14th Century Caliphate (Against All Enemies by Richard Clarke).
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