The Breakfast Club Group Dynamics

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In the movie, The Breakfast Club, the group passes through five stages. According to the Boston Model these stages include: Preaffiliation or “Honeymoon”, Power and Control, Intimacy, Differentiation, and Termination. These stages seem clear, but often times they overlap each other. For example, power and control is seen in almost every stage throughout the Breakfast Club group. These stages are a natural process of a group and are necessary for a successful group to mature.
In the “honeymoon” stage, group members tend to be on their best behavior. When entering the new situation, members keep a safe distance from one another and asses the situation. When the group members feel ready, they will begin to test the boundaries of the... View More »

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For Claire, she is having a hard time believing that she is trapped with a bunch of high school misfits. A problem with safety is the fact that the principal is not actively watching the group. Bender, the trouble maker, realizes that when the principal leaves the room, he has the ability to fight for power and control.
The second stage of group development is called Power and Control. During this time, the group members struggle over who has more power and control. This stage is especially intense for the detention group because of the diverse population and the fact that the principal is not taking control. During the “honeymoon” stage, power and control is present as well. In the beginning we notice there is a certain seating hierarchy. Claire, the princess, and Andy, the athlete sit up front at the same table. Bender, the criminal, and Brian, the brain, sit level, but Bender kicks Brian out and moves him down a level. Finally, Allison, the “basket case” sits in the back. The seating hierarchy represents the popularity level of each student in the High School. Being popular usually means one has more power and control over another. Bender is lower on the popularity scale then Claire and Andy and he decides to rebel. Bender does this by getting out of his seat and sitting above everyone on a railing. There, he verbally attacks Claire and Andy. By sitting on a railing above the popularity leaders, Bender attempts to disempower them. When that doesn’t work, Bender decides to push boundaries even further and unscrew the door in order to closes it permanently. In ...

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