Traditional American Values And Its Contribution To English Literature

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I. Introduction

“Traditional American values” consist of individual freedom, equality of opportunity, material wealth, self-reliance, competition and hard work. The values emerged and began to define the American character in the context of cultural pluralism in the late 1700s. These values help the immigrants to achieve American Dream. Since America has been viewed as “the land of opportunity”, many immigrants from all over the worlds came to catch this chance especially to achieve “American Dream”.
According to Datesman in The American Ways ( An Introduction to American Culture), the first value and the most basic of all the American values is individual freedom. In 1776, the British colonial settlers declared their independence... View More »

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The Song of the Lark is a novel by Willa Cather, a Pulitzer prize winning novelist and short story writer. In her novels, she created strong female characters, who had the courage and vision to face all obstacles in their difficult lives (“Outlaw Women”). Katherine Anne Porter in “Lesbian and Bisexual Fiction Writers” said “She was a good artist, and all true art is provincial in the most realistic sense: of the very time and place of its making, out of human beings who are so particularly limited by their situation, whose faces and names are real and whose lives begin each one at an individual unique center. Indeed, Willa Cather was as provincial as Hawthorne or Flaubert or Turgenev, as little concerned with aesthetics and as much with morals as Tolstoy, as obstinately reserved as Melville. In fact she always reminds me of very good literary company, of the particularly admirable masters who formed her youthful tastes, her thinking and feeling.”
Fast’s The Immigrants has the same subject matter as in Cather’s The Song of the Lark. In The Immigrants, Dan Lavette, who is born in poverty battles his way to success as a founder of a vast shipping empire and he becomes the head of a wealthy and powerful family. “With The Immigrants Howard Fast definitely re-establishes his standing as one of our best story tellers. It is an extraordinary mixture of toughness and tenderness, terrifying and touching, one of the most absorbing narratives I've read in years. More penetrating than most novels, it presents a sweeping vision of a widening America in a series of interrelationships ...

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