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Quote 1. Most men, even in this comparatively free country, through mere ignorance and mistake, are so occupied with the factitious cares and superfluously coarse labors of life that its finer fruits cannot be plucked by them. Their fingers, from excessive toil, are too clumsy and tremble too much for that. Actually, the laboring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day; he cannot afford to sustain the manliest relations to men; his labor would be deprecated in the market. He has no time to be any thing but a machine.

Man is so occupied with labor and making money that we forget how to enjoy life. In modern society we are all busy buzzing around as bees gathering pollen that we don’t stop to taste the Honey
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But there are those problems that are just too hard to solve, and every time people try to help you out, by making it bigger. Sometimes we just need to get away from society and its idealism to figure it out on our own.

Quote 7. An far as I have heard or observed, the principal object is, not that mankind may be well and honestly clad, but, unquestionably, that corporations may be enriched

As a corporation they want create something that will abide the majority people. It doesn’t matter if your bill gates or some low page worker as long as you will buy their product. There goal as the corporation to figure out what will help them grow, and become a big player. Even if it means ripping of millions of people, whom ever they are, because there is no line interfering to what is done to get big bucks.

Quote 8. The luxury of one class is counterbalanced by the indigence of another.

We in America are counted as a top of a line country, with what we have earned through our founding father, who gave us the right to be free. Today with the blessing we have many foundations have been created to help the poor around the world. Red Cross is one of the foundation aids countries hit with mother natures disasters.

Quote 9. A taste for the beautiful is most cultivated out of doors, where there is no house and no housekeeper.

The best place for out doors is in the wild, where people haven’t inhabited. Where people haven’t brought there bad affect to wonderful world. That’s where you can beautiful and cultivating outdoors, for the ultimate vacation.

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