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I argue that the war on drugs causes harm on many fronts such as racial injustice, denied access to education housing and benefits and wasted tax payers dollars. The war on drugs has been a war we have been losing for almost a century and continues to this day. This war has caused violent crimes that ravages our neighborhoods. Children of drug abusers are neglected, abused, and even abandoned, while drug abusers continue to fill courts, hospitals, and prisons. Taxing and regulating illicit drugs is not worth the cost if the war on drugs is leading to drug-related violence around the world and isn’t significantly reducing drug abuse. Although the war on drugs harms and targets minority’s particularly black communities, it is... View More »

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This allows people in power to keep their power by pushing already oppressed minority groups as far down as possible.

To change the inequality and damage that the war on drugs causes we need to address it at a macro level. Instead of focusing on the individual level of drug abusers we need to focus on policy leaders and administration such as the DEA and FDA. Some important changes would include shifting budget priorities from spending for pursuit, prosecution, and imprisonment of drug law offenders to spending for education, treatment, and research. Another change could be to abolish mandatory minimum prison sentences for the use and distribution of currently illicit drugs. Legislation should specify only maximum prison sentences. And most importantly minimize the harmful consequences of current drug policy, such as racial profiling, property confiscation without conviction, and unnecessary incarceration.

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