Youth Vs. Society

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The concept of delinquency is perceived as antisocial or violent behavior in young people, often involving criminal acts. There is a wide range of seriousness of delinquent behavior including but not limited to shoplifting, vandalism, running away from home and not paying for public transportation. As you can readily ascertain, delinquent behavior does not always involve violence. Although it can be argued that delinquents and criminals are predisposed to antisocial behavior based on biological composition, there are many subjective theories supporting that delinquency is constructed by society and that the understanding of deviance is the reaction of Society. Youth subjected to stigma, internalize the label, which results in deviant... View More »

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Shaw and Mckay argued that social disorganization is the cause for crime indicating that most people who live in over populated areas suffer a social breakdown resulting in disadvantaged immigrants lacking the resources to effectively parent their children. Many underlying issues result from deprivation of basic needs such as education, economics and the simplistic such as food and shelter. The correlation between poverty, unemployment and deprivation is the root of the problem and cannot be ignored. As Canadians, parents, educators and role models it is our duty to eliminate the labels imposed on our children, and effectively nurture them in order that they will aspire to achieve their goals in a social normative manner. The need for crime is not a choice; rather it is by lack of resource and a means for survival. Poverty is growing and it is surely an underlying issue, which can only be addressed and resolved through programs, education and funding from government officials and those who have the power and resources to transform the nation.
“One of every five children in the United States lives in poverty.... By the time they enter adolescence, they have contended with more terror than most of us conform in a lifetime. They have had to make choices that most experienced and educated adults would fin difficult. They have live with fear and witnessed death. Some of them have lashed out. ..... For, despite all they have seen and done, they are- and we must constantly remind ourselves of this- still children”

Governments have tried for decades to control crime. They ...

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