Analyzing Stereotypes: Gymnastics Is A “Women’s Sport”

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English 103

Women’s U.S.A. Gymnastics has been getting people’s attention recently because of the amazing teams America has sent to the Olympics in the last twelve years, where the girls have been basically dominating the podium. On top of them rising in popularity, they have the sparkly leos, the graceful beam routines, and the fun floor routines, which are all things that media highlights, giving today’s society the perception that Gymnastics is only a “women’s sport.” Because of this view, society is also beginning to disregard the masculinity and strength that is a crucial part of the sport, driving them to believe that men cannot do gymnastics. By looking at four different images of well known Olympians and analyzing the... View More »

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” Her attire (B) is same the swimsuit cut, sparkly, feminine attire seen in the last photo, with a different design. It is common in gymnastics to have many different chic designs to the leotard. It does, however, add to the stereotype because when any leotards are shown in the media, women’s competition leotards with the elegant and flashy designs are the ones that are usually portrayed. The pose she is in on the floor is a very graceful and elegant pose (C). Her leg is extended straight out with a pointed toe underneath the other leg that is bent, making her appear longer. Her chest is out, her arms are extended in both directions, and she is stretching her neck tall, giving her a sophisticated and slim appearance. Aside from all the elegance and grace depicted in the pose, it also shows the muscular body type among gymnasts. This image, in particular, shows the leg strength like the last one did, but it also shows the arm strength (D). With her arms extended in the pose and the sleeves of the leotard, we can clearly see the muscle definition in her arms and can only imagine what she can do with them. With everything in this image, it makes it yet another example of how gymnastics is viewed as a women’s sport.
With all the focus beginning to center on women’s gymnastics, many people tend to push men’s gymnastics aside because they don’t do frightening, graceful beam routines or fun, adrenaline pumping floor routines. However, even though the male gymnasts do not parade around in a leotard and put on a “show,” the skills they do require a great deal of strength, as do ...

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