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Baseball developed into a legitimate sport in the middle of the 19th century. Organized leagues between amateur teams began to form in the 1850’s. The first professional baseball team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. Following, a league of professional teams developed as the National Association opened in 187l. It became apparent as more and more teams appeared that finding good players to fill these teams was and important task and scouts played and, continue to do, a major role in the development of the teams.
During the 19th Century of professional baseball, The National League was the first major league. In 1882 the American Association formed to compete with the National League. The AA league located players in... View More »

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After setting a number of records in his professional career, he served 3 years as the Hitting Instructor for the

AAA affiliate of the Florida Marlins. Since then he has turned his talents to scouting and instruction, serving as a hitting instructor to Tony Gwyn and Rod Carew at hitting camps in Mexico.
He explains, that there are 3 departments in scouting, International, professional and amateur. An International scout is assigned an area or country and he stays and covers that area for the most part looking at professional and amateur players and leagues. A professional scout covers professional teams including independent professional players. Last but not least, an amateur scout covers high school travel teams, and colleges and any other form of non professional players.
Tony Lucadello (July 30, 1912-May 8, 1989) was a professional scout for the Chicago cubs (1943-1957) and Philadelphia Phillies (1957-1989). During his career he signed a total of 52 players who made the Major Leagues, his most famous and Hall of Famers Ferguson Jenkins and Mike Schmidt. His total number of signings is considered
to be non attainable by others and he is considered by many as the greatest scout ever.
He was different from any other scout. He watched the game from place to place around the field. He watched the batter’s face, he went to the outfield to see the power of the arms of both infielders and outfielders, and watch the pitcher from halfway up the line. Lucadello claimed that the key to identifying a prospect was to focus on the player’s body control and ...

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