Big Goals For A Little Person

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All my gymnastics gear was ready: grips, leotard, spandex, ponytail holders, athletic tape, and ankle brace. Before leaving my house, I was constantly checking my gym bag for everything I would need to bring to practice, making sure nothing was missing. Then I left my house, going to school with my school backpack on one shoulder, and my gymnastics bag on the other. The entire day was just plain nerve wrecking. I became doubtful by the end of the day, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to reach my goal. How could a freshman possibly achieve such a high goal? It was a position no freshman deserved unless it was truly fitting, but I had to try. This was going to be my last few months of my gymnastics career, and I was going to... View More »

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They all looked so professional in my mind, and I felt less confident that I could reach such a feat. The clock struck two-fifty, the end of the school day. I walked out of my last class, headed towards my locker to grab any homework I needed to take home, and then grabbed my gymnastics bag. I checked it again, just in case. Everything was there. Fall was settling in, a cool breeze brushed against my face as I waited outside for my mom to pick me up to drive me to practice. I stood there constantly checking the time through my phone, wanting to get to practice already. Tapping my foot rapidly, listening to my iPod to pass the time more quickly, and repeatedly checking the road looking for my mom’s minivan. Three-oh-five. Where was my mom? I needed to get to practice.

She parked at the pick-up zone of my school, and then drove me to practice. It was a nerve wrecking distance. A fifteen to twenty minute drive felt like an hour. The gym was finally in my sight, and I was pretty sure my mom could hear my heart pounding within my chest. I told my mom bye, and she wished me good luck, and then I entered the building. So many girls were present and this meant less of a chance of placing varsity, but I analyzed my competition, and I knew I could at least rule out half of these girls here because I knew which girls were actual gymnasts and which weren’t. I saw a mixture of girls who brought in gymnastics bags from a variety of other gymnastics clubs fully equipped with gymnastics equipment, just as mine was, and then there were the girls who came in only t-shirts and shorts ...

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