Disparities In Major Sports Coverage Between Men And Women

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Sociology 300

Sport is a major part of the American culture. People play the sports they like, as well as watch their favorite teams. Although, there is so much love for the game, sometimes the media has a different way of showing its love. There is also an unbalanced representation in sport coverage between men and women. For instance, in women’s soccer, they have had more successes than the men’s team, yet they do not get as much media coverage and are paid less than the men’s team. Not only that, in media coverage, if an athlete is involved in a crime, it will make headlines and the top news. There are many challenges and stereotypes that female athletes face being in the sports industry. Racial judgments are made in the face of... View More »

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In general, men’s sports have way more coverage than women’s sports. Kian, Mondello, and Vincent found that in most of the March Madness media coverage, men were praised for their athleticism, while women’s skill and accomplishments were trivialized (2009).

They also looked at Internet sources to see if there is a difference in coverage between men and women’s sport. Although there is a higher demographic of the younger generation finding their sport information online, the sources that cover sports change their collection very often. People are looking at much more than just men’s sport, but also women’s sports, youth sports, and extreme sports (Kian, Mondello, and Vincent 2009). Online, there are only two articles in the U.S. that cover female athletes, but it is solely centered in collegiate levels and if the sport is offered to both men and women.

An advancement that happened recently was the San Antonio Spurs hiring the first female assistant coach in the NBA. This made many headlines in the media and also opened discussion on the Internet site, Twitter, where most fans go to discuss sports. In sport, it is seen that there are men who coach women’s sport team, but for women to coach men’s teams is pretty much nonexistent (Sanderson and Gramlich 2016). Becky Hammon became the first women to do this in the NBA.

Continuing with coaching, women only represent about three percent of coaching positions in the collegiate level in men’s sports. One reason why women are underrepresented in coaching positions is because the leadership position has close ties to ...

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