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Baseball is as American as the red, white and blue that sits on our flag, it is a sport that was created by us, and to this day is one of the sports that we dominate the most in. Growing up in the suburbs right outside Chicago, almost everyone is a Chicago Cubs fan or a Chicago White Sox fan. While that makes sense for them, considering those are the two teams that play close to our town, I chose to be different, I chose to be a New York Yankees fan. Growing up in the minority wasn’t fun, most people look at the Yankees and think of them as the bad guys because they have the money and willingness to spend it on free agents to improve their team. So, in order to combat their berating of my Yankees fanhood, I took it upon myself to become... View More »

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Being an expert on the New York Yankees, may not be as impressive as being an expert on the human heart, or an expert on fighting bulls, but it still has an important part in society. In 2016, Major League Baseball made around 9.5 billion dollars in total (Brown, 2008), showing that many people are very big fans of the game of baseball, and more likely of a specific team. With my expertise on the Yankees, I can have great talks with experts of other baseball teams about what the future may look like for our teams, or how our teams current season has been going, and even the past about what makes our teams so unique. In a research study done by Scarborough Research, “109.3 million people, or 48% of U.S. adults over 18 years of age, watched, attended or listened to an MLB game from February 2011 through March 2012.” (Snyder 2013). This statistic once again shows just how popular baseball is, and how having an expertise related to baseball can help connect with people all over the country. As for the role of experts on baseball in general, because of the popularity of baseball in America, there are numerous sports shows that employ some of the most knowledgeable people on baseball. If you choose to pursue a career in talking about baseball, there are radio shows, tv channels, and even legitimate teams that will hire a person to work analytics on a certain team, or numerous teams at once. According to the website, people who work for these shows or teams tend to make $50,000-$60,000 a year. However, for those who become big names and are extremely reliable, such as ...

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