From War To America’s Game; The Afl/nfl Merger

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The National Football League dominated the professional football landscape when it was formed in 1920 until the 1960s. Rival leagues that tried to complete with the NFL often went bankrupt and folded shortly after they were formed. The American Football League was organized in 1960 by Lamar Hunt. He decided to start his own league after several failed attempts of owning his own team. Lamar Hunt was the son of Texas oilman H.L. Hunt, and had the financial needs to start up a new league to rival the NFL (Tucker). The NFL did not take the AFL as a serious threat in the early 1960s. They referred to it as the “rich man’s league” and thought it would fold after a couple of years. The AFL would emerge as a powerful rival to the NFL. ... View More »

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Hunt down in 1958 and 1959. The NFL suggested that he look at possibly becoming a partial owner of an existing franchise. The Chicago Cardinals offered Mr. Hunt a 20 percent stake in the franchise in 1959, but he declined. Hunt already had his mind made up to form a new league. “Why wouldn’t a second league work,” Hunt recalled. “There was an American and National League in baseball, why not football (AFL Origins)?” Hunt began contacting other people who were unsuccessful in owning a franchise and sparked their interest in forming a second league. Prior to startup of the new league, he wanted the NFL to bless his new endeavor, hoping the NFL would oversee both leagues. The NFL wanted no part of Hunt’s league and didn’t acknowledge his request to form a new league.

The AFL was founded in 1960, and the charter team was Hunt’s own Dallas Texans. The league consisted of teams in 8 cities; Boston Patriots, Buffalo Bills, New York Titans, Houston Oilers, Dallas Texans, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and the Los Angeles Chargers. The AFL had to think of creative ways to sign quality professional players. Racial discrimination was rampant among professional sports in the 1960. Although the NFL drafted black players, there was an unwritten quota system in place, which allowed the AFL to sign quality black athletes. The league also signed players from smaller colleges that the NFL ignored. Top tier colleges began to realize the AFL was a respectable league, and some players began signing with AFL teams. This started the bidding war between the two leagues for top ...

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