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A sport is not just physical activity; to an athlete, it is a lifestyle. This lifestyle will teach you things you never would have thought you would learn and it will open windows and doors you never thought would be open. The lifestyle of an athlete shapes an individual and makes them their own unique character. Gymnastics is my lifestyle. It has made my path, and with all the bumps and curves along the way, guided me to the person I am today.
I started gymnastics at the age of four, doing preschool and rec classes and when I turned 7 I was invited to join the competitive team. I couldn’t believe it! Within the first year of being on the team, a real passion was formed for the sport. I began to watch collegiate meet... View More »

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I was doing great both with the sport and academically. My parents and coaches had no doubt of someone offering me something.This was perfect, I had my career figured out and I was set for collegiate gymnastics. There was nothing I had to worry about.
Two weeks before competition season we focused on routines and making sure we were confident and consistent. I wanted to challenge myself, so I spoke to my coach and we added on tumbling passes with increased difficulty. I was pretty good at nailing the pass, I never thought it would be an issue. One week before the first meet was when everything changed. I did my usual warm up, nailed my pass and began my routine. When I got to the last pass everyone was cheering and I was feeling really confident, but I landed short on my first flip which caused me to crash down on the second. There was about thirty seconds of silence that spread throughout the gym, and it is something I will never forget, because those are the thirty seconds in which I realized my career had ended.
For one month I was on bedrest and I was out of physical activity for about six. During the first month I went depression and my grades began to fall because I had no more structure in my everyday life. I remembered my pastor talking about how everything happens for a reason which is why it was important to look for the good in all the bad. So following that, I began the search; but it is really hard to find something good out of something that ended your career.
Eventually, I started looking into becoming a coach so I could start somewhere. I got the first ...

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