One Giant Leap For Women One Step Back For Men

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Stephen Neal, four-time All-American wrestler from California State University at Bakersfield, currently faces his toughest battle yet. This 6-foot-5-inch, 270-pound champion confronted thousands of determined wrestlers during his wrestling career and triumphed over many of them. His new opponent: Title IX. His former college, being forced to comply with Title IX regulations, decided to cut their wrestling program, the same program that allowed him to succeed throughout his career and perhaps would allow thousands of other wrestlers to do the same in the future (Lynch 28). Instead, California State, like hundreds of other colleges and high schools across the nation, has willingly cut men's athletic programs in order to meet the terms... View More »

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That's an incredible difference” (Lynch 35). However, these improvements have come to a halt in recent years (Arens 43). While schools continually get closer to total equality, the increase of women's participation has stopped. The reason for this is the elimination of men's programs. By cutting men's programs, equality can be achieved without an increase in budget—without ever helping women. In reality, Title IX, especially in recent years, has failed to help women and harmed men in the process.

Women have not only seen advancements in opportunities during the Title IX era, but an enhanced interest in athletics as well. Women have begun to realize the value in athletics. Females who play sports have greater academic success. They also have lower rates of drug use, smoking, and teen pregnancy (Greenberger n.p.). Sports help women develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Women now receive scholarships, providing a college education for students who would not have the opportunity otherwise (Labinger n.p.). More and more women truly are beginning to notice the positive values sports have, values once reserved only for men.

Despite the vast increase of women's interest level in athletics, the level is still not as high as it is with men. Former investigator at the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights Lamar Daniels insists, “There's no question in my mind that women are less interested in playing sports than men”. Women still argue that lack of interest is due to lack of opportunity. Even then, however, they will admit that the interest level ...

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