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Maura Ewing wrote Campus Carry: The Movement to Allow Guns on College Grounds, Explained to address the question if whether or not guns should be allowed in Universities. One of the most important supporting points in this article was the protection of students in the event of a crisis. Throughout the article she provided research that showed some campuses believe that having guns on campus would increase the risk for more issues than it would prevent. However, looking back to the beginning of the article, the main catalyst for campus-carry laws to be enacted, was a mass shooting at Virginia Tech. If someone did not think that this would be a good solution to the issue then why was is brought up in the first place? Another main point that kept arising throughout the article was the fact that most schools are prohibiting conceal and carry in most of the heavily populated areas on campus, so having the gun on campus would be just for a safety purpose since it is not allowed anywhere else. This contradicts everyone else’s arguments because, people that are against the carry of guns throughout campus are mainly opposed to it being in those highly populated areas seeing as it could possibly become a threat. Also throughout the article we see the different ways in which most campus with this law are narrowing it down or limiting it to the people allowed to carry. This shows that the campus-carry law is not just a gun free for all for the people on campus. View More »

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