Redemption In The Ring

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The sounds of blaring sirens and heavy traffic were muffled inside the Osaka Boxing Center, where all that could be heard were the heavy outcries from the audience. The grand finals to determine the Middleweight California State Champion was about to commence. The two fighters were longtime rival and friends Damon and Alfonso. Both fighters were known for their sense of compassion and nobility, especially being boxers, but recent tabloids claiming that Damon would triumph contaminated Alfonso with a sinister state. As the two boxers approached the ring, both were met with a swarm of interviewers. Despite the abundance of interviewers, they all happened to have the same question; “What are your thoughts going into this fight?”
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Damon rushed towards Alfonso and proceeded to ram his right fist deep into Alfonso’s body. Gasping for air, Alfonso began to tumble over. A sharp creek produced, between Alfonso’s shoes and the ground, as he maintained his footing and prevented his second knockdown.
“Damon you Scum,” Alfonso panted as he took his right fist and swung straight towards Damon’s face. Damon barely tilted his head to avoid the straight and raised his fist to counterpunch. Damon’s swing suddenly stopped as he became paralyzed and a sharp pain grew within him. A deafening ringing roared inside Damon’s head as he began to collapse. As Damon fell backwards, he felt something on the back of his head. Alfonso’s clenched fist.
Damon’s mind began to race, That’s illegal! He struck me in the back of the head with a rabbit punch. Alfonso, why? Damon began to slip in and out consciousness. Before the darkness completely consumed him, Damon used his remaining strength to utter a few words to his former friend. “Damn you… Alfonso.”
The referee began to wave his hands and cry out, “He’s down for the count!” The bell rang, signaling Damon’s defeat. The referee raised Alfonso’s arm high into the air and stated, “The winner is Alfonso.” His declaration, however, was hardly audible due to the loud boos among the audience members. Alfonso looked down at the defeated Damon, who was still unconscious, with a menacing grin.
Hours later, Damon woke up in the middle of the night in a hospital head. There was a throbbing pain in his head, his body felt drained, and everything felt blurry. Damon did his best to ...

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