The Rocking Horse Winner

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Then something curious happened. The voices in the house suddenly went mad". As if thirsting for more money the phrase grows louder because Paul's mother has spent all the money to satisfy her expensive taste. This voices have affected Paul "It frightened Paul terribly" and "He became wild-eyed and strange, as if something were going to explode in him".

Having talked about the phrase and the conversation, we can now talk about the rocking horse. The rocking horse is the medium Paul uses to get the winning horse and subsequently win money in the horse races. Paul believes that his rocking horse would take him to luck, "Now, take me to where there is luck! Now take me" he said. Paul rides his horse wildly until he is sure about the winning horse then he would tell Bassert, the young Gardener who would place his bet on the winning horse. Bassert has been his partner and also his uncle Oscar. There must be a divine association between Paul and his Horse because the horse he chooses never loses. Bassert told Oscar "It's as if he gets it from heaven". The derby was approaching and Paul had not known the winning horse, so he rides wildly and he starts becoming ill, his mother even noticed him, "His mother noticed how overwrought he was."At this point his mother should have forcefully tried to know what was wrong with him. The night before the derby Paul rides his horse until he knows the winning horse "Then he fell with a crash to the ground". Paul becomes unconscious till the third day after which he dies at night.

It is very obvious, the irony that rocking horse which brings him his "luck" is what brings him his death. Paul's death is as a result of negligence on his mother's part and on the part of his uncle, Oscar. Oscar had said "My God, Hester you're eighty thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad.". If Oscar had known that the little boy was "a poor devil of a son to the bad", he should have stopped Paul from View More »

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