Two Hours Of A Gymnast’s Life

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It is just another Sunday night and I have all my equipment packed for practice. I text one of the officers of the Club Gymnastics team asking for a ride to practice because officers provide car-pools for those unable to go to practice without a ride. We head over to the gym in Sycamore, cleverly called Energym Gymnastics, a gym that doubles as a club gymnastics team as well as provides tumbling classes. Car-pool after car-pool, it is seven at night, and more and more people trickle in, putting away their gym bags, backpacks, and extra clothes into the provided cubbies at the entrance of the gym. People head on over to the small floor, dodging safety mats, floor balance beams, and the resi mat (a foam block) for the tumble track... View More »

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I was somewhere in between, throwing round-off back-handspring layout fulls and the like whenever it was my turn to go.

Getting out of the foam pit is like pulling yourself out of a marsh, so I take a rest on the balance beam sitting parallel to the tumble track after a few turns and just watch what’s going on around me. On the floor, behind and adjacent to the tumble track and beside the balance beams, I see some guys practicing toned-down versions of the flips going on at the tumble track, only because they are tumbling onto solid ground instead of a soft, fluffy foam pit. I take a glance at one of the officers who is swinging on the rings next to the floor. I could hear that he and a couple other guys are talking about gymnastics related injuries, and trying to top each other’s stories with a worse one. Zach, the officer on the rings, shares a rather painful incident of his.

“Yeah, the worst I’ve done was splitting the parallel bars doing a back off. I hit the bar so hard that I split the skin over in my ‘downstairs’ area and it was bleeding bad enough that I had to get stitches. I still competed with those stitches three days later, but I removed them myself because I did not want to go back to the doctor. Now I have a nice two-inch scar from that.” I flinched in pain hearing this, but I wasn’t the only one. A lot of the other guys who heard the story stare at him with pain painted across their faces as their hands instinctively move towards their “downstairs” areas. Laughing at that, I tune them out and decide to take one last turn on the tumble track before ...

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