Violating Social Norms

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An entire population of people act upon a certain set of rules, a set of rules that define what is considered acceptable behavior. These unwritten, unspoken, and unheard of set of rules are called social norms, and these are what control a group of people’s behaviors. There were many social norms that I could have violated, ranging from sitting in an elevator or escalator to dressing oddly or inappropriately, but the one norm that I chose to violate was the norm of acting in a grocery store; Wal-Mart to be specific. Although Wal-Mart already has its reputation for breaking many social norms, I did a rather different one. Instead of walking around Wal-Mart as per usual, roaming around with a cart, shopping list in hand, searching for... View More »

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I chose an aisle where I could easily maneuver my handstand walking, but had enough people to get attention from.

It actually took a while for me to work up the stomach to do this oddity. I was slightly excited because I was about to repeat a small portion of my childhood and not get scolded, but I was mostly nervous because I was not sure how people were going to react definitely, because it is Wal-Mart, strange things always happen at Wal-Mart. (I am more of a Target person anyway). As I kicked up into a handstand, I was happy that I could not see much because I did not want to deal with seeing how people were staring at me while I did this. I was able to keep walking on my hands, but my shirt started to fall down (although I was wearing a sports bra, it was still a bit embarrassing that my stomach was being flashed to everyone). It was one thing that people were staring at me because I was walking in a handstand, but then my stomach showing was just another thing for people to look at; so from there, I just forced myself to get down from the handstand to adjust myself.

After getting down from the handstand, I took back my phone and watched the recording. I saw a bunch of older women staring at me with questioning faces. The first woman with a cart even veered away from me, afraid to hit me (or maybe afraid of me hitting her). Everything that happened, I did expect, including the adjustment of carts and the stares, because that is something I would do. If I saw someone handstand walking by me, I would move my cart away and watch them. They could be watching to see ...

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