Exploring An Evolutionary Theory Of Jealousy Through Sexual And Emotional Infidelity

Abstract Evolutionary theories of jealousy, popularised in psychological circles by the research of Buss, Buunk and their colleagues, have aroused criticism by other researchers claiming that the design of these studies was confounded by a number of factors. This study in particular will test the ‘double-shot’ hypothesis of De Steno...

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Summary Of A Statistical Test

Essential Eight Communications, Inc. (E8C) is an Oklahoma based Telecommunications Company that currently uses sub-contractors to service and installs their equipment. Some company officers feel it would be more profitable to have full time employees that are able to travel throughout the states of: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, than...

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Alcohol And Driving

They’re sharing a drink called loneliness Currently, a small debate is buzzing across parts of America. Since 2008 is an election year, politics are on the list of topics to cover, whether it is on the news, or at a social gathering, or even just talking at family dinner. But,...

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