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Since 1998, Lululemon has transformed the way people dress to workout. Through innovative products and technical athletic fabrics, a brand was created to provide clothing for workouts such as yoga, running and cycling. Lululemon opened its first store in Vancouver in 2000 with the plan to have the store be a community hub for people to learn and discuss their physical fitness and overall health goals. As Lululemon was more than a store to provide products for consumers, their goal was to influence every person who walked into the store. A basic criterion for investment is Lululemon’s mission to create components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives. All Lululemon locations maintain strong relationships with local communities and host in-store events such as complimentary yoga classes and goal-setting workshops.

The specialty retail and athletic apparel industry Lululemon is a part of is very competitive. The growth from competitors is increasing and Lululemon is in the midst of a global expansion and releasing a new product line in the hopes of gaining a competitive advantage. However, Lululemon has experienced hardships throughout the past year due to a lawsuit filed against the company in regards to their Luon yoga pant line and the fabric being see-through. This has caused many repercussions not only for the stock price, but also for consumers and management as a whole. As Christine Day has resigned, Laurent Potdevin has been announced as the new CEO of Lululemon. His past work experience, overall moral, and consumer approval demonstrate that he is the right fit for the position and someone who can turn Lululemon around.

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