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It all started back in 1998 when Mark Vadon, the current CEO of Blue Nile, was snubbed at a Tiffany’s in San Francisco while looking for an engagement ring. Vadon decided to try his luck online instead of dealing with this frustration and ended up buying a ring from Internet Diamonds. The next year he visited the firm’s lone store in Seattle and bought the company for an undisclosed amount. The rest is history.
Today, Vadon’s startup, Blue Nile, has become the largest online retailer of certified diamonds, accounting for one-third of all jewelry sales over the internet. Overall sales at the firm have risen at a rate of 30 percent per year. Since 2005, profits have increased by 32 percent. While the numbers are impressive, that... View More »

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Another reason for Blue Nile’s success is its high customer satisfaction ratings, which are a result of its website. The search engine on is one of the website’s most popular features; it allows customers to search by product and criteria making the selection process very easy and painless for the customer. Another facet of is “My Blue Nile,” a feature in which the customer can create their own Blue Nile account to make their own diamond comparisons and compile their own wish list. When buying something as expensive as an engagement ring, the customer wants only the best and Blue Nile’s technology assures them that they are getting nothing short of that.
While the typical brick and mortar jewelry retailers still exist, Blue Nile’s rapid success and customer experience is posing as a major threat to these companies. The fact that Blue Nile operates out of a single warehouse while these other companies can only cater to a specific population around their stores creates a great competitive advantage. In fact, the CEO of one of Blue Nile’s largest competitors, Zale (a brick and mortar business with approximately 2,250 stores), was terminated in 2006 amid 25 percent profit declinesiii. While Zale has reported greater annual revenue figures the past two years, Blue Nile has much greater operating and net profit margins to that of Zaleiv. However, Zale is not Blue Nile’s only major competitor. There is the classic jeweler Tiffany & Co. as well as Signet Group, which owns such jewelers as Kay, Jared, Ernest Jones, and H. Samuel. There are also ...

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