A Streetcar Named Desire Literary Analysis

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“I am not being or feeling at all superior, Stella. Believe me, I’m not” (Williams, 50).
The play A Streetcar Named Desire concentrates on one woman, Blanche, as she comes into town to visit her older sister Stella. The feministic attributes, such as purity and inferiority, constitutes to Blanche’s characterization, allowing the observation of the shift of typical to modernistic female roles. The quote, found above, displays these attributes within Blanche. To the casual reader, this may sound like Blanche is simply being very apologetic because she is trying to convince Stella that she is actually an innocent woman, just like every woman should be in this time period. Here it seems like she is just trying to get her innocent point... View More »

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She plays the role of superiority and tries to transfer it over to Stella’s husband, Stanley. Outwardly, Blanche acts as if she is inferior to all the males in the play, but in her head she wants to gain this dominance she has been longing for all her life. The subconscious level can be seen through this quote because of the overly exaggerated insistence of her innocence and inferiority. Her “innocence” is so blown up throughout the play that the other characters see through it all and just decide to play along with her game instead o taking her seriously.
As the others play along with her game of innocence, Blanche is oblivious to what they notice about her, mainly because her motives are all on the subconscious level, the reason why the casual reader will not immediately see her motives without analyzing deeper. The casual reader can read into the differences of femininity of Blanche and Stella, but those gender roles are only part of what there is to read into for Blanche. The reader must look into motives and actions of the character. In this case, Blanche’s contradicting words and actions. These are the main points that bring out her true personality and give the reader a better understanding of Blanche’s true motives; trying to be the superior gender in any relationship she holds, which in turn contributes to the play by providing a deeper level of thinking in searching for the meaning in not only individual motives, but the play as a whole. ...

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