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Is too much of a great thing good us? No matter where I look or where I am, I constantly see it, cell phones. When I am at school, I see it in the halls, during class, on and off campus. Whether it is used to cheat or text a friend, teachers despise it. At work, customers have it out and ignore me when I check them out, which I find annoying. Workers also have it out when it gets slow and the managers get mad at the mere sight of these things. Even in cars, whether they are driving a short distance or a hundred miles, people use them. The cell phone, whether it is a Smart Phone or Android, is a constant distraction for people in the United States of America. This is a continuous problem in our everyday life and if it does not change or... View More »

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What Is worth more, a text or your life?

Next are cell phones can be devastating to our health. Usually, using a cell phone requires the head to be tilted at a 45-degree angle downward, which can cause problems for the neck if this position is held for a period of time multiple times a day. According to, in an article titled A Modern Spine Ailment: Text Neck accessed on April 15, 2016, the term known, as Text Neck is the pain associated with the neck along with upper back pain, shoulder pain and cervical pain. All due to looking at the cell phone for an extended period at a time. Also starring at a bright screen all night has an effect on your eyes as well. Found at, in an article titled Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes, say opticians, accessed on April 15, 2016, “Over exposure to blue-violet light has the potential to put us at greater risk of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.” (Andy Hapworth) If we decrease cell phone use, we also decrease the risk of these health factors affecting us also.

Additionally, numerous people whom I know have told me that they cannot live, let alone imagine their life without a cell phone. If their cell phone were to be lost or broken, they could not know how to react in certain situations since they are so dependent on their cell phone. I have a cell phone myself, but I try to only use it for calling and texting. I do everything else like directions, internet, recording without it and I do just fine. People should learn how to cope in life with and without a cell phone in case an ...

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