Flag Football And Achievement Goal Orientations

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A flag football game was held out at the Northern Illinois University Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex on September 20, 2017. It was nothing large scale considering there was hardly an audience and it was a quiet night, no music playing, but there were four teams participating. There were official referees, but no coaches, just four teams of guys all wearing different colors, depending on their team. There were not even any scoreboards, just the referees to keep track. The group playing on the field closest to the benches were wearing gray or black. The gray team, for the most part, seemed like they had a fun time playing and did not pay any attention to their surroundings, not that they needed to because the event did not take place in... View More »

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But this was not the case in this game, each player was nice, thus keeping motivations high.

Another way that the gray team stayed task oriented throughout the game was by finding happiness in the smallest of things throughout the game. In a professional game, gaining a yard is not that big of a deal, but the gray team cheered “Ah! We got a yard!” as if they had just scored a winning touchdown. Although many of these players may be playing flag football to relive the glory days, they may actually be trying to fulfill a deeper need within themselves. It is theorized that there may be another type of orientation under AGO aside from task and ego orientations which is goal orientations. This is when one strives for a certain goal, but the goal may change over time. This goal may start as a competitive concern, but then evolve into a personal one (Steinberg & Grieve, 2001). The guys on the gray team showed a need to accomplish something for themselves. It was clear that no one truly cared who won and who lost, but each one of them cared about how they performed in game. Although competitiveness is an aspect of flag football, each player wanted to simply be able to throw the ball well, to earn some yardage, or even to score a touchdown.

Another way that the gray team showed AGOs was through showing disappointment and then trying to fix what went wrong immediately after it occurred. For example, at one point during the game, the quarterback yelled “hike” just like usual, but as the ball was tossed to him, he accidentally drops the ball then proceeds to yell “Aurgh! ...

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